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How Much Propane Will I Use This Summer?

estimate propane use north carolinaWhen most people think of using propane at home, they think of heating their home in the winter. But propane really is a year-round fuel! If you are new to propane as a homeowner, you may be surprised at just how much propane you use during the summer, when you may initially think you’ll use none.

If you get a propane bill that’s higher than expected in the “offseason” months, you may even think you have a propane leak. While that’s still a possibility—and something you should check for—most of the time you’ve simply underestimated your propane usage.

Average Propane Use

Consider these per-hour propane use averages for common household appliances:

As you can see, gallons can add up quickly. If you don’t keep an eye on your propane tank, you could run out of gas at some point. But there is an easy—and FREE—way to greatly reduce the likelihood of that happening. All you need to do is sign up for Automatic Propane Delivery from Pico Propane!

Automatic Delivery: An Easy Way To Avoid Propane Run-outs!

With Automatic Delivery, you can say goodbye to obsessively checking your propane tank gauge levels and scheduling propane deliveries.

Here’s how it works: We’ll track your average propane use from previous summers, considering any changes you might have made in your home such as adding a propane outdoor fire pit, for example. That information is used to accurately predict when you need a propane delivery, which we’ll make to your home before you run low (we deliver when your tank is about 20 percent full).

Think of Automatic Delivery as FREE peace of mind!

Of course, Will-Call propane delivery is always available if you want control of your deliveries—just call us and we’ll get you scheduled. Please make sure to call when your tank is no less than one-quarter (25%) full.

Automatic Delivery is just one way we make things easier for you at Pico Propane! To switch to Automatic Delivery, contact us today—or join the Pico Propane family as a new customer.