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Propane Tank Sizes For Home Or Business

propane storage north carolinaA propane storage tank is the heart of residential or commercial propane systems and choosing the right one is critical to getting the most from your propane equipment (a big reason why we typically choose your tank when you become a Pico Propane customer!)

As with any major purchase or home comfort choice, it’s best to know as much as you can if you’re looking to install a new propane tank, so we have prepared this short guide to the major factors that impact your selection.

Propane Tank Shapes

Aboveground propane tanks come in two basic types: horizontal tanks and vertical cylinders. Larger horizontal tanks are typically used where propane is the main source of heat in the home; their size helps limit the need for winter propane deliveries, which can help in areas where weather is unpredictable. Vertical propane cylinders are typically smaller, so they can be placed out of sight.

Propane Tank Sizes

Propane tanks come in capacity sizes ranging from 100 pounds to 1000+ gallons. Some common propane tank sizes are:

Leasing Vs. Buying Your Propane Tank

Although you can buy your own propane tank, the disadvantages of going this route far outweigh the benefits for most homeowners.

When you purchase your own propane tank, YOU are responsible for all costs associated with installing, maintaining, and repairing the tank in accordance with state and federal law, including all repairs and replacement parts. You are also responsible for periodically recertifying the tank and may need to pay extra fees with your supplier for propane deliveries (who may not deliver propane to you in a tank they don’t maintain themselves.)

When you lease a propane tank, on the other hand, your supplier (hey, that’s us!) is responsible for tank installation, upkeep, recertification, and repairs.

No-hassle propane tank installations in northern North Carolina and southern Virginia

When you become a Pico Propane customer, we’ll install your propane tank and prepare it for reliable propane deliveries in Alamance, Caswell, Orange, Person & Rockingham Counties in North Carolina, and Pittsylvania & Nottaway in Virginia.

We’ll walk you through our tank choices, then install the tank correctly and in compliance with all applicable laws and codes. You’ll have none of the worries or costs associated with tank ownership, and you’ll know your propane tank will be installed the right way.

Whatever your preference or need, Pico Propane can provide the best advice on commercial and residential propane tank installations in northern NC and southern VA. Contact us today to learn more!

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