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Will a Wireless Monitor Prevent a Run-out?

Get Familiar with How Propane Tank Monitors Work

propane monitor north carolina When you use propane inconsistently, whether it’s because you only use your house on weekends, or you run a rental property, you may use a lot of propane one month and less at other times. That makes it hard to use an automatic delivery algorithm to predict your needs. Even things like using your propane hearth more or less often can affect your use.

This is exactly why Pico Propane’ wireless propane tank monitoring service is a great solution. A wireless propane monitor will prevent runouts because it offers real-time accuracy and help provide precise, on-time propane tank refills.

How Does a Tank Monitor Work?

Wireless tank monitors track the level of propane in your tank in real time and transmit your usage to us via wireless cellular technology. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level, the monitor alerts us—and you—directly via a wireless mobile app. We can see exactly how much propane is in your tank and schedule a propane delivery at exactly the right time—not too early, not too late.

In addition to timely alerts, the app gives you even more control and insight. You can use it to easily track and adjust your monthly energy consumption which can help you better save on energy costs.

Even if you don’t use it to improve energy efficiency, a tank monitor can save you the expense and hassle of fuel runouts and take the guesswork out of knowing when to order fuel—especially if you’re ordering propane for a second property.

What Happens if I Run Out of Propane?

If you’ve never run out of propane, you don’t know what a hassle it can be. There’s the inconvenience, of course. There’s the cost of an emergency fill-up, plus a leak test for safety.

And, if you rely on propane for heat, you can add the potential for frozen pipes and the expense of that repair. If you lose heat and it’s cold enough, water in your pipes will start to freeze—and expand, resulting in cracks or breaks. A tiny crack of just an eighth of an inch will leak more than 250 gallons of water a day and a burst pipe will release a real flood.

Even if your tank doesn’t hit completely empty, you’ll experience some problems. When propane levels get too low, air can get into your system, which can lead to expensive damage. In general, you shouldn’t let your tank’s propane level go below 20% before scheduling a delivery.

Enjoy Propane Tank Monitoring from Pico Propane Today!

A wireless tank monitor is easy to install, and we can have you ready to go in a matter of minutes. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of wireless tank monitoring and how we can get you set up—100% hassle-free.