Pricing & Payment Options

Heating Oil Pricing and Payment Options

Thomas Brothers makes managing your fuel payments easy.

Being in business for over 100 years, we at Thomas Brothers know our customers here in northern North Carolina and southern Virginia pretty well. And one thing we know is that our customers are individuals, with unique needs. That leads to something else we know: One-size-fits-all pricing plans and payment options aren’t going to cut it.

We’ve taken that knowledge and created pricing and payment options so you’re in charge of how you take care of your heating oil costs.

The Monthly Budget Plan

Most of our customers love our Budget Plan, because of the ease and peace of mind it brings to managing your heating oil expenses. No more higher heating oil bills after the holidays and before tax time. Instead, your heating oil costs are spread over 11 even monthly payments, starting in May. It makes planning your monthly budget easier and less stressful.

We’re glad to help you find out more about our pricing and payment options so you can take control of your heating oil costs. Get in touch with Thomas Brothers today!