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Because your heating oil tank is down in the basement or outside, it’s likely not something you think about very often. In fact, the only time it usually comes to mind is when you have to go check the heating oil tank gauge levels to see if you need to schedule a heating oil delivery from Thomas Brothers (something you don’t have to do when you have Automatic Delivery, by the way).

But if there’s a leak in your heating oil tank, you’ll have a lot to think about with repairs and cleanup that’ll have to be done immediately.

Thomas Brothers customers have peace of mind because we’re a full-service heating oil company. Not only do we deliver your heating oil, but we install heating oil tanks safely, and properly.

What are the warning signs of potential tank failure I should look out for?

The average life expectancy of a heating oil tank is between 15 and 20 years. If your tank is in that range, or older, it’s time to start thinking replacement before you face an oil tank failure.

Most of the time, you’re not going to see signs that your oil tank is failing. That’s because the failing begins inside your tank.

Condensation is the culprit. When water condenses on the walls of the empty space inside the tank, it drips off. Because it’s heavier than the heating oil, the water sinks to the bottom of the tank. There, it helps to create an environment that’s ideal for sediment to be formed. Sediment is what leads to corrosion inside your tank. That corrosion is what causes leaks in your oil tank and oil tank failure.

But, if you pay attention, you may see early warning signs that can help you avoid the hassle and expense that come with oil tank failure. Here’s what to look for:

  • Blistering in the paint on the underside of the tank
  • Tiny pinhole leaks
  • Condensation on the exterior of the oil tank that remains after a heating oil delivery

Need a new oil tank or repairs? Give us a call!

If you notice any of the issues noted above, get in touch with Thomas Brothers. Our trained and experienced service technicians will properly and safely install your new, durable, leak-resistant heating oil tank. Our oil tank installation is done to our high standards. We show up when we say we will. We respect your home by working quickly and quietly so there’s minimum disruption in your home, and we’ll always clean up after ourselves when we’re done.

Trust Thomas Brothers Oil & Propane for safe, professional installation of your heating oil tank. Reach out to us to get started.