Heating Oil Delivery

Heating Oil Delivery in North Carolina & Southern Virginia

Thomas Brothers Oil & Propane is the go-to heating oil supplier for communities in the Yanceyville, NC and Blackstone, VA areas!

For close to 100 years, Thomas Brothers has been providing reliable, safe fuel delivery to our neighbors here in Caswell County. Over the years, we have expanded our delivery area to that of Alamance, Caswell, Orange, Person & Rockingham Counties in North Carolina, and Pittsylvania & Nottaway in Virginia, counties. Communities we serve include:

  • Danville, Va.
  • Mebane
  • Burlington
  • Graham
  • Yanceyville
  • Hillsborough
  • Reidsville
  • Clarksville, Va.
  • …and many more!

heating oil deliveries

Local, reliable deliveries and safe, high-quality tank installations!

There are several reasons heating oil is the right choice to keep your home warm, safe and comfortable.

During a cold snap, temperatures in northern North Carolina and southern Virginia can dip down into the teens. When that happens, you want your home to get warm quickly. Heating oil gets your home warm faster, so you won’t have to wait.

Heating oil also burns hotter than other fuel sources, creating more heat per Btu. That gives you better efficiency, and more bang for your heating buck! Additionally, today’s heating oil is not only safe and affordable, it’s also much greener than the heating oil of your parents’ and grandparents’ day. Heating oil today has nearly 33 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared with the heating oil used in the 1970’s. And thanks to these improvements, heating oil can provide efficiencies of up to 95 percent in your home’s heating system.

What heating oil delivery options are available?

For our customers, Automatic Delivery is the most popular choice because it’s easy and comforting. We monitor your heating oil usage along with the current weather, allowing us to schedule a heating oil delivery to your home before you run low. You don’t have to check your tank levels, call for a delivery, or worry about a run-out.

If you prefer more control over when you get your heating oil, we offer Will-Call, where you are responsible for tracking your heating oil usage and contacting us before you run low to schedule a delivery.

Whichever delivery option you choose, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being a Thomas Brothers customer. In addition to worry-free heating oil delivery, we also offer 24/7 emergency delivery service for our customers.

Count on Thomas Brothers Oil & Propane for dependable heating oil delivery and service. Get in touch with us to learn more! We service Alamance, Caswell, Orange, Person, and Rockingham Counties in North Carolina. We also serve and Nottoway, Brunswick, Dinwiddie, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Prince Edward in Virginia!