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Forklift Propane

Forklift Propane Services For Businesses in North Carolina

Partner With Pico Propane for your propane forklift service needs!

If your business uses forklifts, you know how essential they are. By using forklift propane cylinder exchange services from Pico Propane, you’ll be able to make the most of your forklifts.

Our customers include:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Farms

Complete forklift propane services

At Pico Propane, we offer custom propane services for forklifts that are tailored to your individual needs. Unlike larger national propane companies, we value our customers as local businesses and strive to help improve your operations every day.

We will begin with a consultation to discuss your forklift propane requirements and develop a tailored cylinder exchange service to fulfill them.

Once a plan is established, we will deliver and install new, secure storage cages and new, clean aluminum forklift propane cylinders to your facility. Your service is tailored to your needs. Because we’re local, we can adjust our exchange services on a dime if your needs change. That flexibility and responsiveness is something that no large, national propane company can offer.

forklift propane

Benefits of using propane forklifts

Using propane forklifts can bring various bottom-line benefits and enhance productivity and efficiency in many ways.

Full power for a full shift. A typical propane cylinder used for forklifts can provide enough power for a full shift, which is usually around eight hours. In case the forklift runs out of propane during the shift, workers won’t have to wait long. They can easily switch out the empty tank for a full one in less than five minutes and continue working without any interruptions.

Electric forklifts need to be recharged once they run out of power, which can take around eight hours or more. During this time, they cannot be used, resulting in a full shift without them.

Fueling up gasoline and diesel forklifts takes longer and there is a risk of fuel spills, unlike a swift cylinder swap.

As the battery of electric forklifts drains, their power decreases. Propane forklifts, however, remain at full power as long as the cylinder contains propane.

Propane forklifts have been proven to handle heavier workloads and navigate inclines better than electric forklifts, resulting in faster and more efficient job completion.

Propane forklifts save you money. Propane is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel that can help your business save money over time. Since forklifts powered by propane have a clean burn, they need less maintenance and have a longer lifespan compared to those powered by electricity or gasoline. This suggests that by opting for propane, you are not only being environmentally conscious but also benefitting your company’s finances.

Get the job done anywhere and in all conditions. Propane forklifts are suitable for use in wet and dry conditions, whereas electric forklifts can only be used in dry conditions. If your employees need to move items between indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s better to use propane forklifts as they can operate both indoors and outdoors. Gasoline-powered forklifts cannot be used indoors due to their emissions.

Do you use propane forklifts in your business? Get in touch with Pico Propane today to make the most of them!