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Propane for North Carolina & Virginia Commercial Businesses

Trust Thomas Brothers to be your local, reliable propane supplier to support your business operations!

Propane can do so much more than run a BBQ grill.

It is an essential fuel for businesses all over northern North Carolina and southern Virginia. These diverse businesses rely on propane’s versatility, efficiency and environmental friendliness for a variety of reasons.

commercial propane

We provide propane solutions for restaurants, hotels, and businesses of all sizes.

The hospitality businesses in our area love propane because of all it can do.

Commercial propane clothes dryers do a better job than electric clothes dryers because they get loads of laundry done faster, with greater energy efficiency and fewer wrinkles. When you have to wash a lot of bedding, towels and tablecloths, propane-powered dryers help your housekeeping staff take care of your guests.

Propane is the fuel of choice for restaurants and commercial kitchens like the ones in hotels, resorts and banquet halls. It provides the powerful heat and instant temperature control chefs need to turn out lots of food at a time while maintaining high quality. It powers ranges, convection ovens, grill tops, broilers, griddles, deep fryers, steam tables for keeping sauces and sides warm and more!

What commercial businesses utilize propane for their operations?

Many folks are surprised when they see all of the ways local businesses use propane.

  • Propane generators are essential for businesses to stay open and protect vital equipment such as computers and servers during power outages. Facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more use propane generators to keep residents safe, warm and comfortable.
  • Manufacturers, construction companies, warehouses and distribution centers power their forklifts with propane. The low emissions allow for both indoor and outdoor use!
  • Propane is also used in construction for generators and temporary space heating.
  • When businesses use propane for landscaping, they get the job done with fewer emissions, less wear on commercial mowers and other equipment, and longer equipment life.

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