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Bulk Propane

Bulk Propane Delivery and Service for North Carolina businesses

Trust Pico Propane to be your local, reliable propane bulk supplier to support your business operations!

Pico Propane has been delivering bulk propane to businesses in various towns across Caswell County, including Yanceyville, Blanch, Casville, and Leasburg, for generations.

As a family-owned and locally based business, we have extensive knowledge of the area and understand the needs of our customers. You can rely on us for courteous and dependable service for your business.

bulk propane

Dependable bulk propane services

With Pico Propane, those generations of experience are put to work to create a customized bulk propane delivery and service plan.

We’ll schedule propane deliveries when you need them, so you’ll always have propane for however your business uses it. Because we’re an established business, we have ample storage facilities and strong, long-standing relationships with our suppliers, so our supply is dependable. Our fleet of delivery vehicles is well-maintained, and our team of delivery drivers are trained to uphold our high standards for dependable, safe, and courteous delivery.

Another advantage of working with Pico Propane is that, being locally based, we can be responsive and flexible in ways the big, national propane companies just can’t.

How is bulk propane used in business?

Propane’s versatility means that it is used across a wide array of local businesses. These are some of the ways that propane is used by these businesses, which shows why reliable bulk propane delivery makes a huge difference for them.

Farms – Propane is used for heating buildings such as barns, poultry houses, hog houses, and greenhouses. It also is outstanding for crop drying, improving efficiency and yield. Propane flame weed control is faster and safer than using chemical herbicides.

Generators – Propane standby generators are essential for businesses to stay open and protect vital equipment such as computers and servers during power outages. These standby generators also help grocery stores keep their perishable items safely cold or frozen while also allowing the stores to stay open and serve their customers.

Facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and more use propane generators to keep residents safe, warm and comfortable when the power goes out.

Hospitality – Almost 10% of jobs here in North Carolina are related to hospitality and tourism, along with more than 45,000 businesses. Visitors from around the country and around the world bring in more than $33 billion to the state’s economy.

Local businesses in the hospitality industry, including hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, resorts, golf courses, event centers, and more, rely on propane to enhance customer satisfaction, while also improving energy efficiency and productivity.

Propane is the fuel of choice for restaurants and commercial kitchens like the ones in hotels, resorts, and banquet halls. It provides the powerful heat and instant temperature control chefs need to turn out lots of food at a time while maintaining high quality. It powers ranges, convection ovens, grill tops, broilers, griddles, deep fryers, steam tables for keeping sauces and sides warm and more!

Construction – Winter weather can cause a lot of problems on construction sites. Propane-powered temporary space heating equipment and ground thawing equipment protect spaces and materials while allowing workers to keep the job going in safety and comfort. Propane generators are also used to charge cordless tools.

Landscaping – Propane is a great option for businesses that use landscaping equipment. It helps to reduce emissions, minimize wear on commercial mowers and equipment, and prolong the life expectancy of the equipment.

The reduced emissions increases employee safety, and give landscaping businesses a competitive edge with clients who value reduced environmental impact.

The bulk propane experts at Pico Propane are ready to work with you to help your business succeed. We service Alamance, Caswell, Orange, Person, and Rockingham Counties in North Carolina! Reach out to us today.