Propane Solutions for Agricultural Businesses

Increase the efficiency, security and affordability of your local farm or agriculture operation!

Farming has a proud history in our area. Tobacco has long been a large crop in our area, along with other major agricultural products coming out of the region including poultry, eggs, hay and soybeans.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 98 percent of the farms in Caswell County are family-owned. Our local farmers need efficient ways of maximizing yields and profits while minimizing expenses. Propane can do that!

agriculture propane

Thomas Brothers has been working with local farmers for close to 100 years, providing the fuels and services they need to run equipment, heat buildings, and more.

Why should I fuel my farm with propane?

Propane’s versatility is one of its greatest assets when it comes to what it can do for farming.

The tobacco growers in our area are experts at turning harvested tobacco into cured leaves that tobacco product companies want. The most common method for doing that is flue-curing, and using propane for tobacco curing is the most popular method because propane lights instantly, and provides even, steady heat that is easily controlled.

When it comes to keeping your farm’s buildings warm, propane can’t be beat! Propane not only provides effective heating, it’s efficient, which makes it good for your bottom line as well as what you’re housing in your buildings.

A recent USDA census reported that there are more than 245,000 laying hens in Caswell County alone. That’s a lot of chickens that need to be kept warm so they can stay healthy and productive. Farmers know using propane for poultry house heating provides clean, efficient and even heat that keeps their layers safe and warm.

Farmers also overwhelmingly choose propane for crop drying. More than 80 percent of the country’s grain dryers run on propane because propane offers fast, efficient, high-yield drying.

Propane can also power a variety of farm equipment such as flame weeders that eliminate the need for herbicides, irrigation engines, water heaters, generators and forklifts.

Versatility is just one thing that makes propane so great in farming. Because propane is portable and on-site, farmers don’t have to depend on a utility for the energy for heating, curing, equipment and more.

Thomas Brothers Oil & Propane has generations of experience working with local farmers to help them succeed. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for your North Carolina or Southern Virginia farm.